Assessment of property

  1. Independent assessment of the real estate.
  • Assessment of buildings, constructions, objects of incomplete construction
  • Premises assessment – houses, apartments and cottages
  • Assessment of the land plots, woods and long-term forest landings
  • Assessment of aircrafts(planes and helicopters), marine and river vessels
  1. Assessment of machines and equipment.
  • Cost determination of machines and the equipment the company, including current assets, property, intangible assets.
  • Cost determination of company assets for receipt of financing,
  • Cost determination of company assets for insurance.
  • Participation the expert in legal proceedings,
  • Assessment of financing and determination residual cost for property of leasing,
  • A value assessment a personal property the property tax for determination the correct charge of a tax.
  1. Business valuation.
  • Determination of real market cost of the company, investment cost, cost of operating company, salvage cost of the company, balance cost of the company.
  1. Assessment of intellectual property.
  • Assessment of intellectual property for entering cost of intellectual property into the authorized capital of the company, for purchase and sale the companies, for privatization, for crediting on the security and other commercial transactions.
  1. Autoexamination.
  • Assessment the damage of the car and cost of its repair,
  • Determination a size of loss commodity cost of the car as a result of damages;
  • Automotor-vehicle assessment (car, bus, motorcycle, trailer, etc.)
  1. Assessment of fixed assets of the company.
  2. Value assessment of securities.
  3. Mortgage assessment.
  4. Assessment of cadastral cost.
  5. Representation of interests of the independent party in court.