Owner of transport and rolling stock

Railway cars owner

The main cargo flow in the Far East is transportation of general cargoes (coal, coke, metal, etc.) in railway wagons. The main reasons of damage of bodies of goods wagons is a use of defective and unsuitable cargo handling gears, the wrong methods of loading and unloading of freights, use of defective wagon dumpers, transportation of goods with unacceptable humidity and violations of the mode of a warming up of the frozen together freights (unloading of coal during the winter period).

Our company offered the following services:

  • Control and fixing of damage of the upper binding of a body of a railway wagons during unloading on the wagon dumper and/or unloading of coal grab cranes;
  • Control and fixing of damage of covers of hatches and another devices in case of negligent unloading of loose goods grab cranes and in case of the wrong unloading / loading of heavy loads – pigs, slabs, etc.
  • Control of closing of face doors properly after loading/unloading of cargo, in avoidance of break of hinged loops, a break of the locking devices, distortions and bends of a framework of shutters;
  • Fixing of damages of dents and holes on walls and face doors of railway wagons as a result of impact on them of a cargo handling machinery and mechanisms;
  • Control of fair cleaning of railway wagons from a remaining balance of the cargo which was earlier transporting in it;
  • Fixing time of giving railway wagons under loading/unloading and time of finish cargo operations;
  • Executions of acts and reconciliations with cargo owners / cargo terminals, prepare reports and photoreports;
  • Control of unloading/loading/cleaning/sealing and fixing of damages of a various type of the railway wagons.
  • Monitoring of repair work
  • Other types of inspections for the customer’s request.