Cargo terminal

  • Control of quality of goods by method of sampling and by a visual method (coal, coke, oil products, oil, grain and other general cargoes) in stock pile and during cargo operations;
  • Control of receipt railway wagons with coal during the winter period and fixing of wagons with the frozen coal and loading on snow;
  • Fixing of damages and deformations of railway wagons during loading and unloading;
  • Calculation of cargo and a visual survey in case of receipt the cargo on warehouses and platforms of the terminal;
  • Calculation of cargo and a visual survey of cargo during loading on vessels, in cars and a road transport;
  • Control of quantity the cargo during loading or unloading on/from the vessel;
  • Laboratory analyses for coal, coke, oil products and grain cargo;
  • Independent survey in a warehouse and cargo terminals regarding quantity of goods and its storage condition.